Formerly Soviet Russia can be a mysterious place. If you’ve been to the spooky side of YouTube or Reddit you’ve probably heard of the Dyatlov Pass incident where nine experienced hikers died mysteriously in the Russian Ural mountains. This case has been spoken about so many times that it is not worth repeating again, but there is another very similar case that is not so well known. The Dyatlov incident was not the only mysterious hiker death to grace Soviet Siberia. The Khamar Daban (also called Hamar Daban or Chamar Daban) mountain range is in southern Siberia’s Buryatia region, perched…

Killed by Alaska’s most infamous and brutal serial killer in 1979, the woman known as “Eklutna Annie” is still nameless

A composite of Eklutna Annie made by the NCMEC

Serial killers have long been a fascination in our society, but often with all the sensationalization and stories, an important aspect is forgotten: their victims. Most prolific serial killers have at least one unidentified victim, especially ones that targeted vulnerable populations. When serial killers’ stories are told, these unclaimed and unidentified individuals are often not mentioned, which is a shame because who should we be remembering? The victims or the killer? Anyone could tell you who Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack The Ripper, or H. H. Holmes was, but would likely be unable to name a single one of their victims. Today…

Is this unidentified man close to getting his name back?

composite of Smith County John Doe (2020)

John and Jane Doe cases are some of the most tragic true crime cold cases out there. Someone losing their name is an unimaginable injustice, but there is always hope for these cases. Today’s Doe case has more hope than many of the other ones out there. With advances in DNA technology, Smith County John Doe is getting an opportunity to get his name returned that many other Does do not get. Hopefully, this mystery can be put to rest in the coming months.


Tyler, Texas is a town just outside of Dallas. Although it is much smaller than Dallas…

Who was this woman found in a footlocker thirty-eight years ago?

A composite of Jane Doe made by NCMEC in 2020

The “cheerleader in the trunk”, or the “woman in the trunk” (not to be confused with the “woman in the trunk” Jane Doe case from St. Petersburg, Florida) is one of those mysteries that has persisted for years. Despite being on the more well known and high profile end of the spectrum of Doe cases, she has remained unidentified for almost forty years. I usually try to highlight lesser known Doe cases in my articles but today we’re taking a look at a case that is well known within the true crime community because exposure is this Doe’s only hope…

A murder victim found in a trash bag 43 years ago has a story more complicated than previously thought

Detroit, Michigan is well known for its crime. It consistently ranks high for violent crime rates among US cities. Unfortunately, a murder in the Detroit area is not an uncommon occurrence, but the murder that would occur in 1978 would become something unique. It keeps evolving into a case that potentially highlights many societal issues. This is the story of Jackson County Michigan Doe.

A reconstructed side profile of the Doe (with a wig), picture by Jane Wankmiller


The Waterloo recreational area is a park in the Waterloo township just outside of Detroit, Michigan. It is neither desolate nor busy, but in August of 1978, it became the dumping location for two bodies, one…

This boy tried to make a nuclear reactor in his shed

We’ve all heard of childhood geniuses, and generally regard them as important contributors to society. The successes of these exceptional children are always considered to be inspirational and precious, but what happens when a child genius goes bad? What do you get when when genius becomes reckless and unmonitored in childhood? What you get is David Charles Hahn, the boy scout who created a small nuclear disaster in his mother’s potting shed.

This is a tragic story of unbridled intelligence and lots of illegally acquired smoke detectors. …

A potential hit and run victim has been unidentified since 1975

There are over 40,000 unidentified body cases in the United States that remain unsolved. Each one of these people had a story, a family, and a life. To uncover the forgotten stories of these people, and to bring them justice, is incredibly important. Today, we’re heading to Tennessee to take a look at at a Jane Doe case with few details, but that still needs to be shared. This is the story of Maury County Jane Doe as we know it to be for now.

A composite of this Jane Doe created by NCMEC


Maury County, Tennessee is a small county only 50 miles from Nashville. It’s centered around…

The sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff: the worst and frequently overlooked maritime disaster

The Wilhelm Gustloff

When you think of maritime disasters, the first name that comes to your mind is probably the Titanic or Lusitania. Those who have gone farther down the rabbit hole of maritime disasters may think of the Halifax explosion. There are a lot of ways to quantify the magnitude of these disasters, but an easy way is through the death toll. All these disasters claimed thousands of lives, and injured many more, but if you were to add the deaths of all four of these together you would still be 4,522 deaths away from the number of deaths claimed by the…

Carolyn Eaton, previously “Valentine Sally”, is the latest success story in Genealogical DNA, giving hope to other doe cases

This morning I sat down to write about a well known Jane Doe case. I had been first introduced to it back in 2018, and it had been at the back of my mind ever since. It was one of those cases that just stuck with me, so by mid February I decided I was going to write my second Doe article on her. I had already done my preliminary research on it two weeks prior, but today I sat down to look for more sources after having to take a break due to school work. When I typed the…

A man was murdered in rural Alaska forty two years ago, but his name remains a mystery

Most unidentified persons cases follow a similar thread, but some just catch your attention for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it’s a unique circumstance, potential theory, or just something that sets that person apart from other cold cases. One eyed Jack Doe has a lot of things that set him apart from your average unidentified body cold case, but mostly it’s how close we are to knowing who he is. …

Natasha Mullins

I’m a young writer based out of not-so-sunny California committed to bringing exposure and meaning to true crime cases.

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