Will we ever know who the “boy in the box” was?

A NCMEC reconstruction of the Boy In The Box

Using a graduation requirement to make a difference

The facial reconstructions for all ten of the Does I hope to highlight in this project

Genetic genealogy has finally given the man once known as “Septic Tank Sam” his name back

Enhanced photo of Gordie Sanderson next to the composite made of him while he was unidentified

These five people have remained unidentified for a full year since their discovery

Was this man truly burned alive in a robbery gone wrong?

Forensic composite of the John Doe by Marla Lawson for the GBI (2009)

Princess Doe is buried in the cemetery she was found murdered in

Two NCMEC composites of Princess Doe

The enduring mystery of the Tamám Shud case could be put to rest in the next few years, but is an identification complete resolution?

A forensic reconstruction of the Somerton Man by special effects artist Daniel Voshart (2020) via unidentified wiki

How does a child go unidentified in our modern world?

Image by author

Killed by Robert Hansen in 1983 her identity remains unknown

Horseshoe Harriets Grave via findagrave (enlarged by author)

Natasha Mullins

committed to bringing exposure and meaning to unidentified body cases and the weird parts of history. https://linktr.ee/tashawrites

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